Jun 7, 2010


INTRODUCTIONWe will have many files to hide from others who uses the same computer. Here is a nice trick trick to hide any file behind a music file or picture file or any such dummy file.Most of you probably already know this, this for those of you who are missing out. I think this post will be very useful who try to hide their file from others.

1. Winrar 
2. A dummy file (A jpg image file in this case, I've used the logo of this blog, logo.jpg)
3. A file you want to hide I've used a file I made, pron.bat)


1. Move your files you want to hide to a single folder, in our case C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\lethaltrix

2. Make the file you want to hide into a new RAR archive (in our example named pron.rar). To do that, just right click Pron.bat and click add to archive.

3. Theres the file Pron.rar  

4. Start Command Prompt (Start, Run, type cmd, and press Enter).

5. Go to the folder that youve created C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\lethaltrix by using the 'cd' command.

'cd' goes to the root directory, so now it says C:>

'cd documents and settings' goes to the folder c:\documents and settings,

 such that reach the folder you have created so now it should say  C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\lethaltrix>

6. Now put: copy /b logo.jpg + pron.rar faith.jpg into the command prompt.

Where logo.jpg is the original picture, pron.rar is the file that will be hidden, and faith.jpg is the file which contains both. Thats going to be the name of our finished product.

7. Right click, Open with, select Winrar, and there you go, you see the file that youve hid.

8. Well, now you see, you can view the picture normally; upload it to forum as an image. While its actually an attachment ;D

Thanks for viewing ...

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