Aug 27, 2011

Repair Windows From Within Ubuntu..

Many of us are now prefering Dual boot of both Windows 7 and Ubuntu.. And many times we may come to situations when Windows is refusing to boot. I have encountered many situations like both in my laptop and my friends.. First thing we have to do in such a situation is not to be panicked. And this is one of the methods I found whie searching a solution for that...
                         You can try repairing the windows file system from within the UBuntu (whatever may be the reason for windows to refuse to boot). For this you must have a package called ntfsprogs. For that use Synaptic package manager (system->administration->synaptictic package manager in ubuntu 10.10 or just search in UNity search in ubuntu 11.4).
               Once its installed,
  • unmount your windows partition if it is mounted. 
  • type sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda1 (type the actual windows partion instead of /dev/sda1. It can be obtained from disk utility )

THis method is also useful when you see the "Cannot mount volume error when attempting to access your windows partition from within Ubuntu.

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