Jul 4, 2009


introPaypal hacking

This tutorial is completly for educational purpose and i am not responsible for any of the cases related to it.
I strongly recommend to obey the rules which are essential for the welfare of us......

This tutorial will help you to hopefully get software and possibly products for almost free.
It won't work on products because it sends the seller an email along the lines of "you have received $0.01 from (your paypal name) for (the product)" However this works great on automated software scripts where it detects that you gave a payment and emails you a link to download the software.


step 1Download Tamper Data

You will need the Firefox extension Tamper Data for this to work.
Download it here:
link to download tamper data

step 2Finding your target

You need to find a place that supports paypal or paypal shopping carts.


step 3Start Tamper Data

Next we need to start Tamper Data up.
In Firefox menu go to tools then Tamper Data.
Once the window shown below pops up press Start Tamper

step 4Buy it!!

Now click add to cart.
The Tamper with request window will pop up. Click the Tamper button.


step 5Tamper with the data

Now for the most important part, modifying the post variables.
Find the parameter called amount and change the value to 0.01 because that is the lowest amount PayPal will process. Next mess with the parameter called no_shipping, if it is even there, until your shipping comes out free. When you are done click the OK button at the bottom of the window.


step 6Finished

Your now done and the world is your oyster (or other preferred mollusk)!


Abel The Legend

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