Jun 29, 2009

hacking I.P Via Msn,Yahoo,AIM -

I tested this using MSN Live beta 8.0. i had MSN PLUS Live running but i doubt that would of effected it in any way..

Get IP via MSN logging:

You will need to go into tools > options > Connections > Advanced settings and click the Connection Logging checkbox..

Open up a Conversation with the target..
Send them like a blank notepad or any file..
Wait for them to cancel it or accept it, either works..
After your done that go back turn off your logs or else they will constantly update while your on msn..

then goto My documents > received files > MsnMsgr (text file)
Search (ctrl+f) “Connecttoip” and you will your selected items..
click the find next button until you find the IP address..

hacking I.P Via Msn,Yahoo,AIM - The Ethical Hacking

wallah! you have the IP address to whomever you attempted to send the file to. whether they cancel or accept the file dosent matter because it still logs the ip but they must do one of the two..

Get IP via Command Prompt:

1. goto start > run type cmd and open.. or goto start > programs > accessories > command prompt and click.

2. type netstat hit enter

3. connect to he person (direct connect) with the chat program of your choice. MSN, yahoo, AIM, etc.. This can be done simply by opening a conversation with the target or sending them any file.

4. type netstat again in the command prompt.

collective data should appear in the cmd box..ie: (infomation censored)

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