Jan 6, 2011


Few months back, it was Mozilla Firefox was the most leading browser that users prefer and other browsers such as opera or IE never ever questioned its popularity among users... But with the advent of Google chrome it has started to change little by little...At the dawn of Google Chrome browser ,it was buggy and crashed frequently.. But later it has updated the browser frequently so that it has got a rise in the market.. Now even though Mozilla Firefox users are more than Google chrome users, Google chrome has improved a lot from its initial state and hope that one day it ill completely conquer the market..

   One of the Most attracting feature of Mozilla Firefox from other browsers were its addon facility and this same idea has been introduced in Google Chrome and is known as Google chrome Extensions..One of the main difference Mozzilla addons and google chrome extensions are that google chrome doesnot need to restart each time a extension is installed as in Firefox... Now I would like to Introduce some of the cool extensions in Google chrome that will make your browser different from others both in looks and functionality.....

Access Bookmarks and Closed Tabs Easily with Incredible Start Page

Incredible StartPage is a featured chrome extension which claims to give you a productive start. It makes accessing bookmarks and closed tabs very easy by putting them in a beautiful list at the center of the page. You can also write notes in the new tab and post them directly to Gmail. If you are a bookmark person and keep using closed tabs frequently then use this handsome extension from here.

Customize New Tab with Predefined Sites by SpeedDial

Normally, Chrome shows you most visited sites on opening a new tab. You can change this behavior, in fact make is better and attractive by SpeedDial. With this extension, you can predefine your tab sites instead of most visited one when opening new tab. You can also change tab background image, number of blocks and use site logos. This is the best extension to beautify chrome.

Keep Track of Time with Modest Digital Clock

clock extension
If you like to follow time, then this clock extension will help you with your punctuality. It is simple and minimalist but yet very useful. It de-clutters the new tab with the most precious thing.

Get Google Tasks on New Tab

This simple extension helps you to be more productive. Remember Google Task? It is a simple to-do list available in Google calendar and Gmail. Now you can use it more effectively and frequently with this extension. The new tab will now display all your tasks with this extension. And you can easily add new or delete old ones with its intuitive interface. The developer hopes that with this, we will see more and do them more often.

Set Beautiful Flickr Pics as New Tab backgrounds

The last extension in the series to beautify your new tab is VisivoTab. This one gets hand selected pictures from Flickr’s visivo and sets it as a tab background. Idle for artistic people with fast internet connection.
If you observe carefully, opening new tab is the most frequent thing we do on Google Chrome. With the above 5 ways we can change its behavior and layout and hopefully make this activity more useful.

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