May 20, 2011

Create a single link for all ur favourite websites....

   Everytime we may  be opening certain same websites like I will be always opening gmail, blogger,facebook and google wave... Its really a teadious work to click all the bookmarks for these pages each time you open the browser... So friends, here is a nice javascript code ( developed by myself )  to open multiple links from a single link... This javascript also has the feature to close all the tabs u opened using this link.... I bet it saves a lot of ur time.... For any help regarding this, just comment under this blog...
Copy the above code in text editor such as windows notepad.. and save as html...
edit the code and change u wanted .com to ur required sites

<title> My multi bookmark</title>
<script language="javascript">

function OpenChildWin(){
   //to add more sites , just add win4,win5 with similar function
win1 =' u');
win2 =' u wanted');
win3 = ' u wanted');
    function CloseChildWin(){
//dont forget to add  '.close'  fn to newly added bookmarks
  win1.close(); }
 function CloseCurrent(){'','_self','');
  window.opener.close(); }


 <a href="javascript:OpenChildWin();">
my websites</a><br />
<a href="javascript:CloseChildWin();">
Close my websites</a><br />
<a href="javascript:CloseCurrent();">
Close this window</a>
<br />

<br /><br /><br />you have the full authority to edit this code and share it..


You can add more websites to this by adding win4, win5 etc into OpenChildWin function as the others have been done.. if u added more than the given  slots dont forget to add close function in CloseChildWin function

If u have any difficulty in editing the code ,pls feel free to contact me and the specify the websites u wanted as bookmarks . I will create one for U and mail it (absolutely free service).....

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