May 22, 2011

How to retain ur Old scroll Bar in Ubuntu 11.4

I started to use ubuntu from maverick meerkat version.. I was really excited with the desktop enhancement features of ubuntu and I became a open source fan... I actually shifted completely to ubuntu . The more I worked on Linux, more I started to love it.. I was eagerly waiting for the 11.4 ,the natty narhwall version of Ubuntu, and upgraded my ubuntu to 11.4 on the first day of release itself..But alas.. it had dissappointed me a lot.. MIssing of my my favourite effects on compiz (which made the ubuntu desktop really wonderful on maverick meerkat ) and the irritating small scroll bar... I was on a search in Internet to make the the natty narhwall version more comfortable..

     And I thought I would share my reults of with u.. In this post, I will share the method to return to ur old good looking scroll bar than that small irritating line and side buttoned scroll bar.. I think there are many who dont like the new scrollbar on ubuntu....
Select Applications then the Ubuntu Software Centre. If you have this problem in a different version of Linux, select the Synaptic package manager.
Search for overlay. The first list contains nothing of use. Go down to the bottom of the list and select the Display 64 technical items link. Now you have three Scrollbar overlay entries at the top of the list.
The first result is titled Scrollbar overlayed widget with a package name of overlay-scrollbar. Select the Remove button. This will remove the first two entries.
The third result is titled Scrollbar overlayed widget - shared lib. Select the Remove button. When this step is complete, your scrollbars should return to normal.

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